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Wedding Dress Alteration and re-design

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 | 0 comments

When talking about wedding dresses alterations, We are not only talking about a dress. We are talking about an event that happens once in a life time, about all emotions connected to a mile stone in one’s life, and We are talking about a whole life changing experience. Simply, We are talking about “THE DRESS

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Looking good with Your dress means feeling good and having a better event on Your wedding day. But let’s face it, You buy Your dress at the store or online, You spend a fortune after a long and stressful search for the perfect dress, what are the odds that it fits You perfectly like a glove! maybe the chances are …. none.

That’s where the other stressful search comes looking for a reputable person to alter Your dress or to re-design it. At the same time, You don’t want to break the bank. The fact is, You are trying to save every penny to be used on the endless wedding expenses.

Tips for Wedding dress alteration and re-design

If You are in that journey, here are some tips to help You make informed decision and make Your event as smooth as possible.

  • When to take Your wedding dress for alterations or re-design?

If You take Your dress for alterations way too early and far from Your wedding day, Your body might change during all that waiting period then You will find out that the dress doesn’t fit You on the big day. It is highly recommended that You eat healthy during this period to have control over Your body.

If You take it at the time when Your wedding is too close, The seamstress might not have enough time to alter or re-design Your dress since this kind of alteration is complicated and not that easy.

It is recommended to take Your dress 5 to 8 weeks before the wedding day. That way, the alterationist has enough time to work on the dress, and there is no much time for Your body to change.

  • Where to take Your wedding dress for alterations or re-design?

This is the difficult part of the process. and You have to do some research before deciding on where to alter Your dress. We recommend to not be excited with those flashy, big stores. They might be good, We don’t know. The best way to do this this is, see what people who experienced the store in mind say about them. This information can be found easily online. depending on where You are. Remember that the seamstress or dressmaker can make or break Your wedding gown

For example, if you have XYZ alterations in mind, go to (on any platform on Your location) and see the reviews of that business. We think that is the best way to go. Also if you go to a seamstress and the types of machines you see are machines for beginners, then you need to run away.



  • What to bring to Your wedding dress fitting?

You don’t want any surprises on Your wedding day, You have to plan it well. When You bring Your dress for alteration, You should bring with You all accessories You plan to put on on Your wedding day with the dress like, Shoes, and under garments.

It is best to see the whole picture while you have time to adjust what is not working and improve the things that need improvement. This way, the proper fit and proper balance can be measured and put together.

  • Who to bring to Your wedding dress fitting?

It is a good idea to bring with You few family members or Friends to Your wedding dress alterations fitting. A set of extra eyes is better than only Your eyes looking at a mirror. They can give You opinions and different ideas if needed.

It is also a good idea to bring with You Your bride maid to Your last fitting so She can learn and see how to create the bustle and how Your wedding gown works.

  • How much shall You expect to pay for wedding dress alterations?

That really depends on what needs to be done, the fabric, and layers. Most alteration places can give You a rough idea of the cost but that really depends.

Tell the alteration place Your budget and what needs to be done and You can go from there.

  • Need more information?

If You need more information about, Wedding dress alteration, re-sizing, re-design, or any other information, Don’t hesitate to contact us

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