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Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful service.

Team Lead:

Sew passion team is led by Anna Liza Al-Baidhani who is a self-taught designer, seamstress and tailor based in Calgary, Alberta. Al-Baidhani was born into the business of fashion. Her mother was a seamstress and her father a tailor. It was in the family’s shop located in the heart of Baguio where Al-Baidhani first discovered her love of sewing at the age of 17. As soon after she began crafting her own designs and bringing them to life. She moved the Canada with her husband and a dream of opening a sewing business.

Today, she is the lead seamstress and designer of Sew Passion Inc. She has served thousands of Calgarians in tailoring, custom design, and dry cleaning services.

From working with brides on custom made wedding gowns, to Latin dance wear for local salsa dancers, Al-Baidhani’s work is as diverse as her clientele. She specializes in formal wear for both men and women.

Our Achievements:

Al-Baidhani with her team has continued to perfect her craft by studying and following current trends in the industry. She believes that fashion is endless and enjoys challenging herself. She works with a team that is passionate about making women look beautiful and constructing gowns to fit their figure and needs. She has collaborated with many designers. Al-Baidhani is currently working on her modest fashion line.

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Each member of our team is an expert and the best in the market in what they do. A highly qualified team. They are trained for the job



We are dedicated in serving Calgarians and do the best we can to satisfy our customers with the best service

dry-cleaning Experience


Sew passion team strives hard to provide customers and clients the best product and the best service to perfection. 

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